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This package contains most of the papers and presentations from the conference.

2014 Conference AgendaDownload 
Session 1C-01: Guidelines for Creating Safe and Efficient Freight Supportive CommunitiesDownload 
Session 1C-02: Edmonton Goods Movement StrategyDownload 
Session 1C-03: Improving Pedestrian Safety at Grade Railway CrossingsDownload 
Session 2A-01: Suitability Assessment and Operating Guideline for Implementing Leading Pedestrian Intervals in the City of TorontoDownload 
Session 2A-02: Safety of Pedestrians and Driver Yielding Behaviour for GM1 SystemsDownload 
Session 2A-03: Implementation of a School Crosswalk with an Adult Crossing Guard at a Traffic Circle RoundaboutDownload 
Session 2B-01: Fractal Approach to Clustering of Roadway CrashesDownload 
Session 2B-02: A Diverging Diamond Interchange in Saskatchewan?Download 
Session 2B-03: Toronto's Congestion Management PlanDownload 
Session 3A-01: Ontario Traffic Manual Book 18: A New Spin on CyclingDownload 
Session 3A-02: Lake to Lake Cycling Route and Walking Trail Feasibility and Design Study (June 2013)Download 
Session 3A-03: Calgary’s Centre City Cycle Track Network Phase 1: 7 Street SW Cycle Track Opportunities and ChallengesDownload 
Session 3B-01: City of Toronto Downtown Transportation Operations StudyDownload 
Session 3B-02: Documented Safety Improvements of Adaptive Traffic SignalsDownload 
Session 3B-03: Real Time Prediction of Roadway Travel Times for Traveller Information and Proactive ControlDownload 
Session 5A-01: An analysis of the Lateral Distance between Motorized Vehicles and Bicyclists During Overtaking ManoeuversDownload 
Session 5A-02: Roundabouts and Bicycles - Accommodating Cyclists in Non-Urban RoundaboutsDownload 
Session 5A-03: Planning for the Provision of Bike Parking at Light Rail Transit StationsDownload 
Session 5C-01: Transit Oriented Development: A Framework for Achieving Urban DensityDownload 
Session 5C-02: Complete Streets Implementation in EdmontonDownload 
Session 5C-03: Compliance Potential Mapping: A Tool to Assess Potential Contributions of Walking Towards Physical Activity GuidelinesDownload 
Session 6A-01: Mobilizing Knowledge for Active TransportationDownload 
Session 6A-02: Creating Shared Streets in Downtown KitchenerDownload 
Session 6A-03: Investigate the Engineer’s Role in Making Canadian Communities Healthier by Encouraging Active TransportationDownload 
Session 7A-01: Building Transit Resilience in the City of Toronto: A Case Study Approach to Exploring the Impacts of Severe Disruptions on Urban Public Transit SystemsDownload 
Session 7A-02: Planning for Waterloo Region's ION LRT ConnectionsDownload 
Session 7A-03: Mount Dennis Mobility Hub: A Case Study in Balancing Rapid Transit Infrastructure with Land Use and Urban Design ObjectivesDownload 
Session 7B-01: An Overview of the Canadian Roundabout Design GuideDownload 
Session 7B-02: Developing a Feasibility Framework for Roundabouts: A Decision Making ToolDownload 
Session 7B-03: High-Speed Roundabouts - Myth or Reality?Download 
Session 8A-01: Understanding Transportation Sustainability in Midsize Canadian CitiesDownload 
Session 8A-02: Transforming Health Policy and Evidence into a Sustainable Transportation Facility Framework for all Road Users in Clearwater, BCDownload 
Session 8A-03: Secondary Benefits of GHG Regulations for Toxic Air PollutantsDownload 

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2014 Waterloo Region Compendium