CITE Awards

Stan Teply Outstanding Technical Project Award


This annual award will recognize an outstanding project that showcases excellent technical achievement in transportation planning and/or engineering. This award will recognize the high quality of projects within the transportation industry in Canada.

To honour one of the technical leaders in the industry, the TLC named this award the Stan Teply Outstanding Technical Project Award. Dr. Teply worked throughout the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s in leading and creating the Canadian Capacity Guide which has proven technical merit in Canada, and is accepted by the CITE membership and the Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) Chief Engineers Council as a credible Canadian Guide to assist practitioners with capacity calculations.

Recipients will be presented with the Stan Teply Award at the annual awards luncheon.

For further information, contact us.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Technical content – the project applies transportation planning and/or engineering principles
  • Applicability – the project has the potential to be generally applicable across Canada
  • Innovation – the project includes innovation that provides a better understanding, improves processes or addresses social, environmental or economic challenges in a positive way
  • ITE community – the project does not have to be linked with ITE however a project that is linked through ITE members’ involvement will be given special consideration


Confidential nominations should state the project name, a person who can be considered a representative for the project, and describe why the project should be considered a technical achievement applicable for the award.

The TLC will review applications and if a suitable achievement is nominated, they will make a recommendation to the CITE Executive and Board of Directors for a final decision.

Submit nominations to Ryan Martinson.

Past Recipients:

2015 – Gene Chartier, Promoting Sustainable Transportation Through Site Design
2014 – Dr. Jeannette Montufar, Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide
2013 – Not Awarded