Competition details and submission deadline for 2020 to be announced.

The Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) is excited to announce the 2019 Undergraduate Student Competition based on the Canadian Capacity Guide for Signalized Intersections (CCG).  New to this year is the use of the CCG method as incorporated in the recently released 6th edition of PTV Group’s traffic capacity analysis software, PTV Vistro.

The Competition

The competition involves using the CCG and the supporting PTV Vistro 6 software to analyze the operation of a signalized intersection and identify a cost effective improvement strategy. The exercise can be completed within a few hours, depending on user familiarity with signalized intersection analysis procedures.

All input material (including the software) is provided.

The Canadian Capacity Guide (CCG) has been developed by Canadian transportation professionals as a comprehensive guide to planning, designing and evaluating signalized intersections.  It is a rigorous methodology ideal for training young professionals, and provides transparent reporting for reviewing agencies.  The CCG is recognized as a national reference guide by the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) and CITE.

PTV Vistro 6 is the recommended software for implementation of the signalized analysis procedures in the Guide.  PTV Vistro 6 also contains intersection capacity analysis methods based on the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) 2000, 2010 and 6theditions, as well as other analysis methods for roundabouts.

Why Enter this Student Competition

  • Cash prizes – $500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third
  • Recognition in the industry – Transportation consulting firms and public sector agencies will recognize the added value of individuals that can demonstrate knowledge of traffic engineering and related software experience;
  • Support to travel to the 2019 CITE annual conference and annual meeting – The top entry will also receive free registration to the 2019 CITE annual conference and annual meeting, reimbursement of travel expenses (up to $1000 if recipient resides outside of conference region, up to $100 if recipient resides within conference region), and recognition at the Annual Awards Luncheon.

How to Enter the Competition

Contact Sean Nix at to register – and include your name, institution, year of study, and your ITE student chapter advisor’s name and contact email. Sean will provide you with the data that you will need. If you are unsure who your ITE student chapter advisor is, send Sean an email and he will clarify for you.

Completed entries (maximum one per student) should be returned to Sean and your advisor before May 31, 2018. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of experienced CCG users.  The winning entries will be announced on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 at the 2018 CITE Conference and Annual Meeting and Edmonton, Alberta, while the winner will be invited to the 2019 CITE Conference and Annual Meeting in Ottawa, Ontario.

Past Recipients:

2019 – Joshua Thompson, Ryerson University
2018 – not awarded
2017 – Allister Aresta, McMaster University
2016 – Robert Pajecki, Ryerson University
2015 – Gabriel Wolofsky, University of Toronto
2014 – Chris Chahil, Mohawk College
2013 – Ross Patrick, Mohawk College
2012 – Alan Fournier, University of Calgary