Student Chapter Awards

Submission deadline is March 1st

Outstanding Student Chapter Award

The purpose of the Outstanding Student Chapter Award (previously Student Chapter Activity Award) is to encourage student chapters to achieve the objectives set forth in the Charter, and to provide a means for the Institute to recognize outstanding accomplishments in such activities. These are:

to promote the advancement of transportation and traffic engineering by fostering the close association of students with the transportation and traffic engineering profession and the Institute; to acquaint Chapter Members with topics of interest in transportation and traffic engineering through the medium of competent speakers and Chapter-sponsored trips; to foster the development of professional spirit; to promote common interests among Chapter members; and to encourage the expansion of facilities for transportation and traffic engineering study.

The winning Canadian Student Chapter application is submitted to the International competition in Washington.

Student Chapter Momentum Award

The purpose of the Student Chapter Momentum Award (previously Student Chapter Delta Award) is to encourage student chapters to strive for the objectives set forth in the Charter and to provide a means for the Institute to recognize outstanding accomplishments in such activities. Based on the Outstanding Student Chapter Award, the Momentum Award recognizes those Student Chapters who have achieved overall improvement from year(s) past with respect to chapter activities.

The submission shall consist of the following:


Annual activity reports are submitted online. In addition, you may submit a PDF Annual report that contains the following:

  • A summary of Section Activities for the year (up to the end of January – not to exceed three pages)
  • Any material beyond the Annual Report and Activities Summary can be included in an appendix which is no longer than 10 pages

For examples of previously submitted annual reports visit the resource library:

Student Chapter Annual Reports

To submit an annual report, follow this link:


  • Chapter Activities – 55%
  • Chapter Liaison with ITE Chapters, Sections, Districts and/or International – 25%
  • Chapter Organization – 15%
  • Professionalism – 5%

For further information, contact us.

Past Award Recipients

2020 – York University
2019 – University of Alberta
2018 – University of Manitoba
2017 – University of Manitoba
2016 – University of Manitoba
2015 – University of Manitoba
2014 – University of Manitoba
2013 – University of Manitoba
2012 – University of Manitoba
2011 – University of Manitoba
2010 – University of Manitoba
2009 – University of Waterloo
2008 – University of Calgary
2007 – University of Manitoba
2006 – University of Manitoba
2005 – University of Manitoba & University of British Columbia
2004 – University of Manitoba
2003 – University of Waterloo
2002 –
2001 – University of British Columbia

Past Delta/Momentum Recipients

2020 – Carleton University
2019 – York University
2018 – McMaster University
2017 – University of Toronto
2016 – University of Alberta
2015 – Ryerson University
2014 – University of British Columbia
2013 – University of Toronto
2012 – University of British Columbia
2011 – University of New Brunswick