The Greater Vancouver Section is delighted to welcome you to attend the 2020 joint CITE/Quad Conference that will be held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our program theme for 2020 is Resilient Cities: Planning for an Uncertain Future. Planning the transportation system of the future can no longer consist of extrapolating current trends. Major disruptions are becoming more frequent, and there are now a wide range of potential futures before us. This can include everything ranging from the vulnerability of transportation infrastructure to changing climate conditions to technological distributions to mobility choices. The theme of this conference would focus on how practices are changing from guessing a future and planning for it, to increasingly accepting uncertainty, and incorporating resilience to this uncertainty into our work.

The CITE 2020 conference is one that you don’t want to miss, and the Local Arrangements Committee looks forward welcoming you and your family from May 24th to 27th.

Join us in beautiful Vancouver at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre for the 2020 CITE Annual Conference. More details coming this Fall.

Source: Tourism Vancouver

Conference sponsorship and exhibitor inquiries are welcome in advance of the prospectus to be released in the coming months. Interested presenters can also look forward to a call for abstracts coming this fall. Questions? Contact us.