With the challenges right now with finding work in Canada, and in an effort to remove barriers to employment within our profession, we are hosting networking events six at a time.

Three people seeking jobs in Canada and three people currently employed in the private or public sector in Canada in the field of transportation engineering/planning are invited to join a recorded video call. After introductions by the host, each will speak for 2 minutes about a recent school or work project and then the conversation opens up for a facilitated discussion between the six individuals. Each session will end with a career seeking tip of the day with advice shared by everyone participating.

The purpose of the event is twofold: sharing stories to paint a picture of what a job in transportation is like; and networking intel to help people connect for jobs. Our hope is that after the event, people feel better able to connect with those featured on the calls who can in turn help them find jobs. The potential is there for this to be a creative way for people to network online during these challenging times. 

The session will be taped and then posted to the CITE website allowing others to catch the video and learn and meet others in our field. People are encouraged to reach out via Linked In to continue the conversation. By being featured in a session,someone’s talk might spark a discussion or provide additional insight into a person’s role/job providing others something to connect about online. 

Topics of interest could cover everything in our field: geometric design; traffic modelling;  construction; transportation planning; road safety; project management; and community engagement. From large highway projects and bridges to active transportation and complete streets. 

Want to participate as a job seeker or currently employed transportation professional? Check our general instructions and format page.

Watch the pilot episode now!

Featured Guests

Sarah Libera is an Urban Planner. After finishing her masters in planning from Queens, Sarah worked with the Toronto District School Board and as an accessibility specialist in the private sector. Sarah is based in Montreal and is looking for work in the public or private sector. “

Mohammed Zaid Shaikh is a Civil engineering grad from UWindsor. His experience includes projects requiring drafting, cost estimating and knowledge of TDM strategies. Mohammed is seeking an EIT position in a civil/transportation firm across Canada.”

Selina Gandha recently graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering with a minor in Transportation Engineering. She completed an internship at Stantec and was part of a Capstone Design Team that designed and analyzed an Active Transportation Plan for the University of Calgary campus. After completing this project, she is eager to find job opportunities as an EIT in transportation in Western Canada.”