The CITE Training Committee

The Training Committee was formed in 2016 to increase the awareness and availability of training opportunities for Canadian transportation professionals by overseeing the development and delivery of training initiatives. The Training Committee is comprised of Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE) members who are responsible for prioritizing, selecting and organizing training opportunities for transportation professionals across Canada. The Training Committee is the liaison between the CITE membership, the CITE Executive and Board of Directors, the CITE Technical Liaison Committee, and partner organizations for training.

Since the Training Committee is primarily a coordinating body tasked with providing opportunities for training to CITE members, it typically does not get involved with the development of specific training materials or delivery of the actual training sessions. Individual members of the Training Committee can be involved in the preparation of materials and delivery of the training sessions as appropriate.

If you would like to learn more about Training Committee, the terms of reference for the Committee are below. If you have an idea for training, please contact the Training Committee at


Training Committee Terms of Reference 432.41 KB 542 downloads

This is the November 2016 terms of reference of the CITE Training Committee. ...