The TLC is a coordinating body tasked with ensuring that volunteers have the tools and support required.  It comprises up to four CITE members and the Vice President of the Executive Committee as liaison to the CITE Executive. It generally does not directly involve itself with the working elements of active projects, however the TLC does set project priorities, maintains communications, and ensures schedule compliance.

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Your TLC

Irini Akhnoukh, Chair

Mariya (Mars) Otten-Andrew, Vice-Chair

Mars Otten-Andrew is a Professional Engineer and Professional Traffic Operations Engineer with over 20 years of experience, spanning Australia, the UK, Ireland and Canada. She leads the Alberta Transportation Planning practice for WSP and is Vice Chair of the CITE Technical Liaison Committee. Her expertise covers transit planning, active modes, network operations, road safety, scenario planning and parking. Mars is passionate about active transportation and cycles / runs / walks to and from work most days. Outside of work, Mars loves skiing, hiking, mountain biking, kiteboarding and any type of adventure travel she can dream up.

Farhad Shahla

Farhad has been an active member with CITE since 2005 in different capacities through his involvement in student chapters, research committees, ITE Toronto Section and more recently with Technical Liaison Committee of CITE; Farhad is currently serving in his final role with Toronto Section as Past President. Farhad completed his Masters degree in Civil/Transportation Engineering from University of Toronto in 2009 and has related work experience with York Region Rapid Transit, Town of Oakville and the City of Mississauga.  For the past 10 years with the City, Farhad has built upon his diverse experience working in a variety of roles, leading complex and multi-disciplinary projects and more recently as the Engineering Lead with Hurontario LRT (HuLRT) Project working with Metrolinx to enable and implement an 18-km at-grade LRT system in the Cities of Mississauga and Brampton in Ontario. In his current role, Farhad is in charge of all engineering aspects of the HuLRT Project, early utility relocations, as well as implementing enhancements to municipal processes, guidelines and policies. Farhad is very excited working with his new team and the CITE executive, contributing to both CITE and TAC communities. 

Ryan Martinson

Our Mandate

The TLC mandate is to ensure that CITE members have the opportunity to participate in technical projects:

  • ITE Coordinating Council participation;
  • Coordination of CITE appointees on ITE Council executive committees;
  • Coordination of CITE appointees on Transportation Association of Canada committees;
  • Dissemination of technical projects and initiatives through ITE and other organizations; and
  • Oversight of Canadian District technical initiatives.

TLC Terms of Reference - June 2018 129.76 KB 269 downloads

Revised terms of reference approved in June 2018. ...

ITE and the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC)

A key role of the TLC is liaison with ITE International and its Coordinating Council, and TAC; with a focus on coordination with the activities of these organizations.

ITE Liaison

Irini Akhnoukh & Mars Otten-Andrew

TAC Liaison

Farhad Shahla & Ryan Martinson