tlc_logoThe Committee was originally formed in early 2006 to address communications, technical projects, and to support initiatives. Comprised of a small group of CITE members who have a keen interest in transportation engineering, planning and policy development, these members also have the opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, a variety of technical projects and related policy development that has a direct impact on the future of transportation engineering both in Canada and internationally. Also, the TLC’s mandate has recently been enhanced to include the delivery of customized training opportunities across Canada.

Since the TLC is a coordinating body tasked with ensuring that volunteers have the tools and support required, it does not directly involve itself with the working elements of active projects. However, the TLC does set project priorities, and maintains communications, and ensures schedule compliance. Project Managers control the administration and delivery of the project on behalf of the TLC and are chosen by appointment or selection through a call for volunteers.

One of our biggest challenges is finding volunteers, which is unfortunate as working on these projects are tremendously rewarding; you become involved with other colleagues, learn from their experiences, and create lifelong friendships. At least this has been my personal experience.

Want to be on the leading edge of the newest and greatest in transportation technology? Consider volunteering for the TLC.

Dwayne Cross, Chair Technical Liaison Committee (TLC)