From its humble beginnings in 1975, the Southern Alberta Section has grown to 240 members in a third of a century. Although most of the membership resides in the Calgary Region, we have members from many smaller towns and cities from Red Deer south to the US border. In general, the section hosts monthly luncheon meetings (September to June) where technical presentations are made to the broad transportation community. The section is also actively pursuing several professional development courses and seminars to provide learning opportunities for the membership.

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In 2009, ITESA voted to create a new Chapter for the City of Lethbridge and surrounding region.  This will help us to reach those transportation professionals located in the Lethbridge area, and provide them an opportunity for networking and professional development.

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Interesting Trivia:

Over the past 42 years, our section has produced four CITE Presidents (H. Allen Swanson (1977-79), Andy Vandertol (1985-87), Doug Allingham (1993-95) and Jen Malzer (2015 – 2017), two ITE International Presidents (H. Allen Swanson (1988) and Alf Guebert (2008). ITE Southern Alberta has also hosted (or co-hosted) the CITE Annual Conference four times: 1985, 2001 and 2006, and 2013.

General Information

Year Founded:1975
Membership:296 (2019)
Area Served:City of Red Deer south to U.S. border
Elections:Every year
Student Chapter(s):University of Calgary
Email:General Inquiries
Latest Annual Report:

Current Executive – Southern Alberta

President:Anne Cataford
Vice President:Madhuri Seera
Secretary:Lou Mak
Treasurer:Josh Workman
Publicity Coordinator:Annie Wang
Past President:Zoran Carkic

Current Executive – Lethbridge Chapter

President:Eric Dyson
Vice President:Breanna Jackson
Secretary/Treasurer:Paul Tessier
Past President: 
Email:General Inquiries

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