Election of officers will be held online between December 1 – 15, 2020.  Short bios and a summary of each candidates support for ITE is provided below to assist you in making your vote.

Note that the existing section executive officers let their name stand for the following positions.  No other nominations were received for these positions, therefore the following will be acclaimed and no vote is necessary:

  • President: Steven Florko
  • Vice President: Rebecca Peterniak
  • Secretary: Steven Wood

Nominees for the position of Treasurer are as follows:

Candidate:Mark Hearson, MBA, MSc, BSc CE, RSP1
Bio:My work within the field of transportation stems from a desire to create safe, equitable, healthy, accessible, and vibrant communities. My interests extend beyond engineering; I believe achieving this vision requires effective governance and engagement, data-driven decision making, robust asset management, innovative application of technology, and collaboration across fields. I have primarily worked in consulting since completing graduate studies six years ago, first working in road safety and asset management while at Fireseeds North Infrastructure, followed by the development of road safety video analytics at MicroTraffic, and most recently working in transportation and aviation planning at Stantec. In recent years, I have dedicated more of my volunteer time towards the Transportation Association of Canada as opposed to ITE, including serving as Chair of the Asset Management Committee and Co-Chair of a subcommittee to the Road Safety Committee. I hope to return to my roots of involvement with ITE, beginning with the role of Treasurer of the Manitoba Section!
How have you supported ITE in the past, or how do you plan to in the future?I was highly involved in the University of Manitoba ITE Student Chapter during my undergraduate studies, serving as secretary, treasurer and finally president for two years. I have many fond memories of my time with the Student Chapter; we led a wide range of technical, fundraising, and social activities to benefit Student Chapter members and the community, culminating in recognition with the national Student Chapter award. I worked closely with ITE Manitoba during this time, including organization of the annual fundraiser golf tournament with other ITE Manitoba members.
Candidate:Alexandra Hoy, E.I.T.
Bio:I am currently a Municipal Engineer-in-Training at KGS Group with a focus on road and active transportation projects. In my few years working in the industry, I have gained valuable insight into the design of transportation infrastructure. My experience ranges from rehabilitation projects, such as mill & fills and TBO programs, to full road reconstructions involving active transportation elements, enhanced landscaping and traffic calming techniques, and transit-orientated geometry. Most recently, I provided engineering design and resident inspection for two of the University of Manitoba’s primary corridors: Dafoe Road and University Crescent. Looking forward, my goal is to continue broadening my exposure to various transportation projects and further explore balancing design aspects for specific user groups. When not dreaming up ideas for crosswalks and street-side parking, I enjoy curling, hiking, beach volleyball, painting and weekend trips to my hometown of Virden, MB.
How have you supported ITE in the past, or how do you plan to in the future?:I have been involved with ITE since April 2017, when I joined as part of the Student Chapter. My involvement to date has been mainly through attending events such as the 2017 ITE/CITE Conference, the ITE monthly luncheons and webinars, the Escape Room fundraiser, the 2019 Downtown Bike Tour, and the Traffic Calming Workshop. Having thoroughly enjoyed the ITE Events and being part of the community the past few years, I’m excited for the opportunity to join the ITE Manitoba Executive team and become more involved in the “behind-the-scenes” planning and organizing that goes into our Section.
Candidate:Vanessa Schmidt, P.Eng.
Bio:I am a transportation planning engineer with WSP in Winnipeg.  I have seven years of experience in transportation planning projects, including small studies such as Transportation Impact Studies and Parking Management Plans, and large Functional Design projects.  Some notable projects I’ve been involved with include the Traffic Signal Coordination Study in the City of Brandon, PTH 59 at 101 Design Build Project, and the South Perimeter Highway Design Study.  I am most interested in studies involving a complex operational analysis, such as figuring out how to tie a BRT route into an existing signalized intersection, or coordinating a large network of signalized intersections.  I help organize the local Women’s Network at WSP, and every year I speak to a grade eight class about engineering. I’m currently on maternity leave and I have two daughters (a three year old and a seven month old).   My husband and I love to travel and look forward to one day showing our kids our favourite places in the world.  We have a cabin in the Whiteshell and spend as much time out there as possible.
How have you supported ITE in the past, or how do you plan to in the future?:I’ve attended ITE lunches regularly since completing my degree in 2013.  I helped organize the ITE Golf Tournament twice, and I’ve judged the Kean Lew Memorial Student Paper competition twice.  I’d like to get even more involved and believe I’d be a good candidate for the Treasurer position.