Nominee Profiles

Adam Lanigan

Adam Lanigan, P. Eng. is a transportation planner and associate with Dillon Consulting in Halifax with 19 years of experience in the industry.  In that time, he has concentrated on understanding the drivers behind demand for transportation of all types – working out the relationships between where people need to be, how they want to get there, and how we can change how we build our cities to improve travel choice and sustainability.  He has applied this thinking on a wide variety of transportation planning and operations projects across Canada, the United States, and abroad, including: long-range strategic planning; area transportation planning; travel demand forecasting; multi-modal microsimulation; environmental assessment/design; traffic impact studies; and, transportation policy development.

Adam is a perennial presence with ITE Atlantic, having presented a range of topics at the spring and fall annual meetings almost annually since moving back to the Maritimes in 2010.  He has also presented several topics at national CITE, TAC, and CSCE conferences.

Adam is also active in local transportation and city-building issues in a non-professional capacity, having volunteered with the Halifax Cycling Coalition on their Infrastructure Committee for two years, as well as volunteering for the first four years of Switch Open Street Sundays events in Halifax and Dartmouth.  These days, he is also out on his bike more often than not and is passionate about building more sustainable, just, and exciting cities.

If elected as a member of the executive for ITE Atlantic, Adam will push to continue the excellent momentum the chapter has seen in recent years, deepen the connections with universities in the Atlantic region, continue to improve the quality and variety of our events and learning opportunities, and represent our voices at the national level within CITE. 

Courtney McCarthy

During the summer between Year 1 and Year 2 while studying Engineering at Dalhousie University, Courtney found what discipline she wanted to jump into (Civil, of course). One day when driving home to Enfield (where she grew up) from being in the city for a day of shopping, she came across the construction for the Larry Uteck Boulevard Roundabouts. Courtney was amazed at the work transpiring in front of her eyes, a rock wall was being transformed into an interchange with three roundabouts. She often chose to take Highway 102 to Enfield, instead of Highway 118, so that she could monitor the progress being made. She even went up the exit-ramp to just drive through the roundabouts and back down the entrance-ramp to experience the circles. At this moment, Courtney realized she had passion for Civil Engineering and with a focus on traffic/transportation.

During the summer’s between Year 2-3 and 3-4, Courtney worked at NSTIR and HMM (Hatch Mott MacDonald, now Hatch) and was first introduced to roundabout design, Synchro analysis and traffic impact studies and other fun traffic stuff. After graduating in 2012, Courtney travelled to the west coast of Newfoundland to join the HMM office with her boyfriend (now fiancé) who is also an engineer, but mechanical (don’t hold that against her). Courtney gained field experience and improved upon her analytical skills while in Corner Brook, NL but thought she needed a change and was transferred to the St. John’s East Coast office of HMM in 2015. In SJ, Courtney experienced larger projects, which included working ground side of the St. John’s Airport, completing traffic impact studies with 20+ intersections and taking part in the first roundabout design and implementation in Paradise, NL.

Jumping to a more recent update, Courtney is back home and working in NS with her fiancé, two mastiff dogs (Atlas and Koda) and lives in the Waverley area. She has been working at WSP since 2017 and is a Team Lead with the Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning team. Since moving back home, Courtney has attended and presented at the Spring and Fall Technical Sessions and always partakes in the social gatherings.