Jen Malzer, P.Eng

Professional Experience

Jen Malzer has worked as a transportation engineer and project manager with the City of Calgary for 11 years. She also spent four year’s teaching as a sessional lecturer at The University of Calgary and previously worked in the private sector with MMM (now WSP).

Her current focus is on the implementation of Calgary’s pedestrian strategy including complete street retrofits and piloting tactical urbanism projects. Her project, 20 Avenue NW Street Lab Party, was awarded the 2017 Sustainable Urban Transportation Award by the Transportation Association of Canada. Jen spent the first half of her career at The City with Calgary Transit leading rapid transit planning projects.

Jen is a two-time engineering graduate from the University of Manitoba and holds a professional engineering license in the province of Alberta.

Service Biography

Jen started serving ITE in 2002 as the inaugural president of the University of Manitoba student chapter. She later served the Southern Alberta Section between 2006 and 2010 (as president) before joining the District Executive in 2011. Her current role is District Past President. Other professional service includes member of the Walk21 Calgary steering committee.