1.01         The name of this organization shall be Canadian District, of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Inc., hereafter referred to as the Institute.


2.01         The Canadian District shall have as its objectives the following:

(a)    To provide a national forum for transportation engineers in Canada through the development of a strong District;

(b)   To encourage the formation of strong Sections to provide a forum for member activities and to enable members to develop professionally through active participation in Institute affairs;

(c)    To promote member and public awareness of traffic and transportation engineering as a profession;

(d)   To develop technical pre-eminence in transportation engineering in Canada;

(e)    To plan and promote activities of mutual interest with allied professional associations for the purpose of encouraging harmonious relationships between transportation engineers and other professionals who must interface in activities of mutual concern;

(f)    To encourage broader professional development opportunities through education and training of transportation engineers; and

(g)   To engage in any activity on behalf of transportation engineers and the transportation engineering profession.

2.02         The Canadian District shall issue charters to Sections and Student Chapters.


3.01         Any member of the Institute residing in Canada shall be a member of the Canadian District providing the appropriate District dues are paid in full.


4.01         The Canadian District policies shall be established by the District Board. Between meetings of the District Board the Canadian District Executive Committee shall give effect to Board policy and administer the affairs of the District. The District Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, District Director and Past-President. The District Board shall consist of the Executive Committee, and one Representative from each section.

4.02         The duties and responsibilities of the members of the District Board are as follows:

(a)    President – shall be the chief executive officer of the District; shall preside at meetings of the District Executive Committee, District Board and District Annual Meeting; shall appoint chairmen for standing and ad hoc committees; shall liaise with the Section; shall present positions to governmental and other agencies on behalf of the District; and shall present a report to the District Annual Meeting.

(b)   Vice-President – shall be a member of the District Executive Committee; shall be chairperson of the District Technical Committee; District Technical Activities, and be responsible for the promotion of technical activities and the conduct of technical programs; shall, in the absence of the President, assume the President’s responsibilities; and shall present a report to the District Annual Meeting.

(c)    Secretary-Treasurer – shall be a member of the District Executive Committee; shall prepare and maintain minutes of proceedings at executive Committee Meetings, District Board Meetings and the District Annual Meeting; shall supervise the banking and bookkeeping functions of the District; shall supervise the maintenance of membership record; shall prepare and present a financial statement to the Executive Committee by April 1 for the preceding year; and shall present a report to the District Annual Meeting. In cases where the Secretary-Treasurer transitions to Vice-President, the treasurer duties shall extend until end of election calendar year.

(d)   District Director – shall be a member of the District Executive Committee and shall represent the Canadian District on the International Board of Direction of the Institute; shall provide report to the IBOD on the annual meeting.

(e)    Past-President – shall be a member of the District Executive Committee; shall be chair of the nominations and elections committee.

(f)    Section Representatives – shall represent their respective Sections at District functions and shall be appointed by their Sections.

4.03         Signing officers shall be any two of the President, Vice President or Secretary-Treasurer.


(a)    The terms of office for the President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer shall be effective on the date of and the end of the District Annual Meeting and end on the date of and end of the second subsequent District Annual Meeting.

(b)   Nominations for President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer and District Director shall open not later than 120 days prior to the District Annual Meeting, and close not later than ninety days prior to the District Annual Meeting of election year. Nominations can also be received by petition from the membership at large, endorsed by five members of the Institute. Written consent to accept office must be received from each person nominated.

(c)    Voting for President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer and District Director shall be by electronic ballot with e-mail notification to all eligible voters not later than sixty days prior to the District Annual Meeting. Members whose dues are in arrears for more than three months shall not be eligible to vote. No vote will be conducted for offices filled by acclamation.

(d)   All completed electronic ballots shall be reviewed by the District Nominations and Elections Committee submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the District Annual Meeting and shall be counted at or before the District Annual Meeting by three tellers appointed by the presiding officer. In the case of a tie vote, the District Board shall select the successful candidate.

(e)    Should the office of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and/or District Director become vacant before the term expires, the District Board shall appoint a temporary officer for the unexpired term.

(f)    The District Director shall be elected and shall serve in accordance with the By-Laws of the Institute.


5.01         The District Annual Meeting shall be the Annual Business Meeting in the years when the International Meeting is held in Canada and the Annual Business Meeting and Conference otherwise.

5.02         The District Board shall call an annual meeting of the District membership.

5.03         The location and date of the District Annual Meeting shall be decided by the District Board and announced one year in advance.

5.04         The District shall be financially responsible for the District Annual Meeting. Profits or losses, which result from the District Annual Meeting, shall accrue to the District.

5.05         The District Board shall confirm the appointment of the District Annual Meeting Chairman.


6.01         The District Board shall establish District policies and procedures.

6.02         Names and addresses of all elected officers of the District and the dates on which the terms of each begins and expires shall be reported in writing to Institute headquarters within 30 days after election.

6.03         The District Board shall establish annual dues, fees, and special assessments.


7.01         Standing Committees of the Canadian District and their purpose shall be as follows:

(a)    Policy and Legislation – to review the policies of the Institute for application in Canada; to develop national policies; and to present a report to the District board.

(b)   District Annual Meeting – to plan and conduct the District Annual Meeting and to publish the proceedings of the District Annual Meeting.

(c)    District Conference – to obtain data on past conferences and act as a clearing house; to administer paper and presentation guidelines; to advise Sections on organizing the conference; and to approve conference format and financing.

(e)   Nominations and Elections – to call for nominations and add candidates as required for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and District Director and to preside over the election of District Officers. The Chairman of the Nominations and Election Committee shall be appointed by the District Board at the Annual District Board Meeting held in the year prior to the elections.

(f)    Publications – to develop a public relations package for distribution to members, allied professions, allied organizations and the general public by preparing and maintaining an inventory of publications and information available from the Institute and by modifying such material for use in Canada.

(g)   Technical – to develop technical programs in accordance with the objectives of the Institute.

7.02         The District Board may form ad-hoc committees on an as-required basis.


8.01         The rules contained in the current edition of “Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised” shall govern the District in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these By-Laws and the District Charter.


9.01         These By-Laws may be amended on the recommendation of the District Board by a two-thirds majority of ballots received.


October 17, 2013