excite is a new initiative formed to help people get involved in CITE and develop in their profession. excite is designed to help you find the resources, opportunities, mentorship and activities you are looking for as part of your career in transportation and membership in CITE.

excite is for emerging members: whether you are a student or recent grad, early in your career or just getting involved in CITE this is the place for you to:



about technical topics, hot topics, and interesting case studies by participating in unique events and activities


to a strong professional network of mentors, peers, and a broad range of transportation professionals


to your profession through opportunities to contribute to CITE and the broader professional community


personally and professionally through opportunities for involvement, personal development, and practical experience


Stay up to date

If you want to find out about resources, activities and opportunities that excite is putting together then sign up here. By joining excite you connect to a central resource to help you find your place within CITE and the transportation profession.


excite has a number of open opportunities to get involved, build your career profile, and contribute to your profession. These opportunities span from volunteering to help with one off projects to longer term commitments with key responsibilities. Drop us a line at excite@cite7.org and let us know what would be of interest to you.

Questions and Suggestions

excite is constantly looking for ways to improve and wants to make this the most welcoming place it can be. Please get in touch with any questions that you have or suggestions for ways we can improve. Just send us a note at excite@cite7.org


If you would like to learn more about excite then you can read our governance documents here:

Terms of Reference

2016 -2017 Action Plan