CITE Collegiate Traffic Bowl

CITE Collegiate Traffic BowlIn 2010, student teams from 46 universities in the United States and Canada competed in nine district-level events for a chance to compete in the Grand Championship in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More than 135 student members of ITE comprised the teams that competed during the seven months leading up to the Inaugural Grand Championship. The success of the first year’s competitions has resulted in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl becoming an annual event.

The objectives of the Traffic Bowl are to encourage students to become more active members in ITE, enhance their knowledge of the traffic/transportation engineering and planning profession, and of ITE itself, and to strengthen the programs of the ITE student chapters.

The Traffic Bowl is a competition amongst ITE student chapters, similar to the TV game shows such as the College Bowl or Jeopardy, but with transportation planning and engineering topics for the clues, questions, and answers. In order to reach the Traffic Bowl Grand Championship teams must compete in an ITE District traffic bowl. Three members and an alternate of each District’s winning team will be given a travel grant and a complimentary registration to attend the ITE Annual Meeting where they will then compete in the annual Grand Championship. The team who wins the Grand Championship will receive $2,000 (US).

The 2015 ITE Traffic Bowl Season will soon be underway, the Canadian District Traffic Bowl being conducted in Regina. Travel support is available for participating teams, and depending on the total number of teams entered, the Competition will begin with two (2) elimination rounds with teams for each round selected by random draw. The final round for District Champion will see only two teams compete – or will it?

Currently, CITE is requesting volunteers to participate on the Traffic Bowl District Committee to assist with both organizational duties as well as developing the series of Traffic Bowl questions for our upcoming competitions. If you are interesting in participating on this Committee, or have other Traffic Bowl-related questions, please contact:

Edward Soldo, P.Eng.

For further information, please, click here:

Past CDN District Winning Teams:

2015 - University of Manitoba
2014 - University of Toronto
2013 - University of Manitoba
2012 - University of Toronto
2011 - University of Toronto
2010 - University of Manitoba


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